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Empire Kids Official Ltd

Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) is an established Film, TV, Commercial and Model Sole Agency. Recruiting children, adults and family. Having started during the pandemic we are proud to have been so fortunate to be thriving and we are looking  forward to receiving more and more opportunities as the industry  picks up.

Carol Gilby  Company Director/Author She worked for BFCS, a successful Film, Commercial, Cinematography and Casting Company. With vast experience she gained good relations with Casting Directors/Producers Worldwide.  BFCS had offices in London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles.  Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) has the added benefit of knowing how to make the company prosper. 

Carol worked with the following directors:

Bob Brooks  American Film Director: The Knowledge, Tattoo, Space 1999, Cadbury’s Smash Instant Potatoes Martians advert.

Len Fulford  British Commercial  Director: Go to work on an egg. Carling,  Bisto gravy, Croft Original sherry, and many more.

John Cigarini, Film producer.

Michael Seresin  Cinematographer: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes , and War for the Planet of the Apes .

With all the above working knowledge and experience, together with our  current  Casting Directors/Producers, you know you are in good hands with Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO). Who will provide you with great opportunities and help you achieve your goals.

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