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Terms & Conditions

Talent Terms and Conditions


Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) will take a percentage of total booking fee from the model for Stills, Commercials, Photographic, Editorial shoots, TV, Film, Musicals and Oversea Productions. Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) will act as Power of Attorney for all bookings and payments made by the clients and distribute the appropriate net amount to the model. Our models should inform the clients to direct any monies directly to Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) who have the Power of Attorney to re distribute the net amount to the models.
Models will be paid within 10 days after receipt of invoice from the client,
Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) Contract is for 1 year and the model may terminate by providing written notice of termination within 7 working days, sent directly to Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) email address. Renewal of contract will be done automatically on a yearly basis if no termination is provided by either party.
It must be stated that Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) are only acting as a manager to the model helping them get assignments as and when possible. It is the duty of the parent/guardian of the model to make sure of their safety and look after them during castings shoots. If at any time they feel safety is compromised they should withdraw from the casting /shoot and inform Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) instantly.
It is the duty of the parent or guardian of the model to make sure that all act courteously and politely when dealing with the clients so as not to hinder the name of Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) or Model in any shape or form - this same stipulation will apply when on social media sites. Any standard rules and regulations that the client provides would need to be adhered to unless you feel that it is inappropriate, in which case Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) need to be aware of this immediately. Any breach will result in termination of contract. These terms are governed by the Laws within England/ Ireland .

Clients Terms and Conditions

Insurance: The Client is responsible for the Health and Safety of the model during travel, providing services needed for the booking, the model will be seen, to some extent, the same as the employee of the client during the  booking. The appropriate Insurance Cover, where the model is concerned, must be attained by the client. Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) is not responsible for any losses that the client might occur, if for example the model fails to attend a booking due to unforeseen circumstances like illness etc, any losses should be covered by the Client's Insurance.

UK Child Performance Licensing

Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) has the knowledge and experience that can help you with your child licensing needs.

We work with all Local Authorities across the UK and can help to facilitate the license from start to finish.

Child licensing can be a complex process but is a legal requirement for any children in entertainment.

If you have a shoot where you need a child or children licensed or even if you have any queries or questions about timescales or licensing requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clients are responsible by law to apply for Child Performance Licences for all jobs involving children of compulsory school age or younger according to CHILDREN'S PERFORMANCE REGULATIONS 1968

The current legislation for licence applications requires 21 days' notice;
it is at the Council's discretion to process a licence with less notice.

Empire Kids Official Ltd (EKO) can apply for licenses on a client's behalf, there will be a fee of £45 per child, whether or not the child is confirmed.

International licensing is provided by the Magistrate Court for  a Child Performance  Licence.

Please contact us for more information regarding Licencing and Client Booking Fees at: 


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